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  1. Email review (9.17.2019)

    Beautiful - looks as good now as it did in 2003 when my late Husband bought it for me on our first trip trip to Oahu. Lovely memento of a great holiday. Maria Williamson

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  2. Facebook Review (8/26/19)

    I love Hawaiian jewelry this is beautiful thank you sooo very much! M Maysho Elias

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  3. Yelp Review (8/21/19)

    I bought this last week online. I have gotten so many compliments on it too! Its beautiful and catches your eye (and others eyes) when wearing it! Mary Jo

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  4. Facebook review (8/18/2019)

    Very nice piece, my wife really enjoyed it. Great customer service also, especially as I was purchasing before arriving in Hawaii. Robert Smith

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  5. Google Review (7/8/2019)

    Best customer service ! Jeanne Reeder

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  6. Hawaiian Bangle Bracelet Width

    How to pick your Hawaiian Bangle Bracelet width?

    The most popular width on Hawaiian bangle bracelet is 10mm and 12mm; however 15mm and 18mm are popular among the local community.

    Shop Hawaiian Bangle Bracelet Now

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  7. Hawaiian Jewelry Layaway Program (Interest Free)

    Thank you for your interest in learn more about our interest free Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry Layaway program (HJLP).

    Our program will allow you start an order with $50 or 10% payment and pay off the balance within 6 months.

    Min. order is $200.

    There is no handling fee or interest on layaway order.

    We will manufacture and ship your order within 3 days after final payment.

    Please call or email us to place your layaway order now.

    Contact Us

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  8. Kama'aina Discount Coupon

    We offer 10% off to Kama'aina. Please use coupon code: KAMA10%OFF during checkout.

    (Limited time offer)

    Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

    Shop Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry Now

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  9. Military Discount Coupon

    We offer 10% off to all U.S. military personnel. Please use coupon code: MIL10%OFF during checkout.

    (Limited time offer)

    Men's Hawaiian  Jewelry

    Shop Hawaiian Jewelry Now

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  10. Facebook review (3/27/2019)

    I received my package pretty fast, great customer service. I love my new bangle... just beautiful. Kelly Acker

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